emails, subscribe, unsubscribe and all that jazz

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alt: emails, subscribe, unsubscribe and all that jazz

Did you try contact your friend recently by email, somebody you didn’t write for some month? Did you email bounced back and you got error message saying that you email message can not be delivered for any reason? I did that a lot. There is over four hundred people subscribed to my mailing list. I only send email to notify (more…)

New way of presenting

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alt: New way of presenting

New way of presenting photographs, is not really new. At least not for me, but I would like to make it in the future more explicit. Some of you know that I toyed with idea of clean presentation of photography project in past. I always like to have some text with my images and even have some small text for whole projects. Some of you actuality gave me feedback in those years that they enjoy my clumsy English text under my photographs.

This inclination to the clean design and nice text with emotional photographs is something I always was after. I would like to present to you sort of first step. Some of you may have seen it before. Unfortunately it is only in English this time. I am working to have it in more languages soon. In the future I like to move whole site to this kind of presentation and more or less stop with having single hits images. That may also bring the end of WordPress as platform I am using for my web site. Who knows?

After you follow link to 10×2 project of my and Dirk’s images, there will be very simple page with one image to click on. Then full screen show should start. If you like to help and share your thoughts, come back here and leave a comment. Thank you in advance.

Marcový výlet – March trip in Slovakia

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alt: Marcový výlet – March trip in Slovakia

This March trip in Slovakia, was one of the few, when I posted images almost directly at the same day. Also all photographs were process on my mobile phone. That is why there is only little writing, except the last day. That is a reason why quality is a little less then normal. However that is also reason that images I have uploaded are much bigger then normal around 800 pixels. Until now you (more…)

System upgrade

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alt: System upgrade

There will be system upgrade. Today around 17:00 GMT this web site will go down for about one hour. System provider where my machine is running will be upgrading their system to be protected them against Intel chips security flaws. You can read more about those Intel issues in many places on internet. They may effect also your system if it has processor produced from 2015 until now.

Face is changed

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alt: Face is changed

My face changes as time is moving forward. So far I have not find a way to reverse its direction. Therefore I have changed my portrait picture. It is quite recent, three days ago I believe. What stroked me, while doing this change, was how I did change in last few years. (more…)

Podcasts are fixed now

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alt: Podcasts are fixed now

Yes, you may not noticed. My podcasts (audio recordings) has been broken for some time. All the podcasts are fixed now. It has been while, (over FIVE years!!!) when I recorded the last one.

Anyway, if you like to listen to them you can see all podcast episodes by following link to podcast category or use iTunes to subscribe or aggregate this RSS feed to subscribe directly


More images from Jánska Dolina added

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alt: More images from Jánska Dolina added

Short note: I have added two more images to post from the trip through Jánska Dolina.

Selling all my Nikon setup

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alt: Selling all my Nikon setup

I am selling Nikon setup. My complete set of Nikon D800 camera and two lenses with many extras.

My Nikon set is sold, what is over for whoever may be interested is still following lenses 85/1.8D AF, 28/2.8D AF and D300 body.

For people in The Netherlands, you can take a look at Marktplaast.  For the rest of you, if you have interest this is what is for sale: (more…)


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alt: Security

Thank to Andrej and his help, I have increase so called security of this blog of mine. If all is working well you should be browsing these pages only over secure connection https and you should see padlock icon in your browser.

It all started when you received new post notification with links over secure https. Those links didn’t work properly, mainly because the certificate which was in use has been created and signed by myself and therefore not trusted. As a first step, I needed to get real (more…)

High pace

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alt: High pace

High pace of recent days, month and perhaps years, brings me closer and closer do decision I need to slow down. I like to enjoy the ride, I am not that much of interested about destination. Is that something you experience yourself too? Is that connected to (more…)