Smoke in a prison – view on stress

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alt: Smoke in a prison – view on stress

Smoke in prison, is an photograph which you may have seen before. As I told you few days ago, I seems to be going over the images from Japan. Especially those from period when I started to use that blur filter of mine. This image was captured same day as the Japanese forest. It is now, ten years ago. I gave it same feeling in color, which should keep same mood. (more…)

emails, subscribe, unsubscribe and all that jazz

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alt: emails, subscribe, unsubscribe and all that jazz

Did you try contact your friend recently by email, somebody you didn’t write for some month? Did you email bounced back and you got error message saying that you email message can not be delivered for any reason? I did that a lot. There is over four hundred people subscribed to my mailing list. I only send email to notify (more…)

Japanese forest

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alt: Japanese forest

Oh it is long ten years ago. In those days I have visited Japan quite often, I mean two sometimes even three times per year for around five years. If I remember correctly. Photograph in this post is little special. It is one of the first I made with that blurred lens technique. Technique I invented in Japan. I do not have any special name for the image, nor there is any special story. It is simple one of the first images done with a shaving gel on UV filter. (more…)

The lines of life

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alt: The lines of life

Oh man, should I really write something with the image? I do not feel like to do it today. Sorry (more…)

New way of presenting

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alt: New way of presenting

New way of presenting photographs, is not really new. At least not for me, but I would like to make it in the future more explicit. Some of you know that I toyed with idea of clean presentation of photography project in past. I always like to have some text with my images and even have some small text for whole projects. Some of you actuality gave me feedback in those years that they enjoy my clumsy English text under my photographs.

This inclination to the clean design and nice text with emotional photographs is something I always was after. I would like to present to you sort of first step. Some of you may have seen it before. Unfortunately it is only in English this time. I am working to have it in more languages soon. In the future I like to move whole site to this kind of presentation and more or less stop with having single hits images. That may also bring the end of WordPress as platform I am using for my web site. Who knows?

After you follow link to 10×2 project of my and Dirk’s images, there will be very simple page with one image to click on. Then full screen show should start. If you like to help and share your thoughts, come back here and leave a comment. Thank you in advance.

Marcový výlet – March trip in Slovakia

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alt: Marcový výlet – March trip in Slovakia

This March trip in Slovakia, was one of the few, when I posted images almost directly at the same day. Also all photographs were process on my mobile phone. That is why there is only little writing, except the last day. That is a reason why quality is a little less then normal. However that is also reason that images I have uploaded are much bigger then normal around 800 pixels. Until now you (more…)

Night trees – Nočné stromy

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alt: Night trees – Nočné stromy

Night trees seems to be something, which I comes often back to me in my photographs. I may collect them into one series. Let us start with these two today. They both had been captured only twenty minutes apart. I tried to project in them my (more…)

Golden morning

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alt: Golden morning

Yes, golden morning, but still dark. One of those mornings before summer time, when winter still had its teeth in the nature. Image was captured in between houses in small city even it looks like out in the fields.


Third day of march trip – Veľký Manín

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alt: Third day of march trip – Veľký Manín

Last day of my march trip was to the 891 meters high hill next to the Považská Bystrica called Veľký Manín. I didn’t have much time. There was another rare occasion I wouldn’t miss for nothing. I could meet my cousin. I had not see her for at least thirty years! Crazy isn’t  it. This should not happen in family. Well I certainly wanted to put end of it and meet her. That mean I had to be back in city around one o’clock afternoon.


The view

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alt: The view

The views from today’s trip. We walked almost 20 km. Weather was not optimal.