We Can Chose What Controls Us – Môžeme si vybrať čo nás kontroluje

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alt: We Can Chose What Controls Us – Môžeme si vybrať čo nás kontroluje

This time without images. I know again longer break in my posting, but let leaves this to some other post. Today I like to tell you something about a topic, which you may observed yourself. It is also possible that you are not aware of it at all, then this is especially for you. (more…)

Photo Workflow in the Lightroom

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alt: Photo Workflow in the Lightroom

Photo workflow in the Lightroom is one important thing which may help or may break your work. Yes, you are right it doesn’t need to be the Adobe Lightroom. I had different versions of workflow for many years, but always fight with use of starts and color labels. Never got consistent and helpful process which would help me and which I would remember with ease. (more…)

Connecting with people

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alt: Connecting with people

Today morning, I was listening podcast from LensWork entitled Mannequins and Abandoned Places. If you do any, a bit more serious photography then your summer holiday, you should certainly listen to it. Somewhere in the second half of it, I started to realize what is the answer to my own question. The question  (more…)

Sagrada Familia

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alt: Sagrada Familia

Dear Friend,

the last letter I had written to you is something I do not really remember so much time has flown from then. I have sent you many postcards. Images from cities I have visited, places I have seen, moment I have lived through. Once a while I heard from you, but most of the time you have been silent. I hope you are doing well and there is (more…)


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alt: Friendships

My Dear Friends,

it was long time ago, time when grass was greener and the Sun sharper. At least I do remember it like that, like early morning when grass was still wet and I was running up hill to meet my friend J. who was waiting for me in garage of his father. There, in cold dark. with smell of oil, was his motocross bike (more…)

How to choose next great thing to do

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alt: How to choose next great thing to do

Lately, after having this question: How to choose next great thing to do?, in my head for quite some time and reading a lot of articles and books about it, I was wondering. How you should approach a path to find something, which would satisfy you? How should you decide, where should be the balance between emotional and rational choices. Should you leave it for your gut feeling (emotional) or should you (more…)

Winter Presents and more

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alt: Winter Presents and more

My Dear Friend,

I am writing you with a news: Web shop is open! Yes for your winter presents shopping ;-) In past I was offering high quality hand made prints of my images. It was good experience, this time however my offer to you is photograph’s downloads. You can download my images (more…)

Envy as the Exit?

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alt: Envy as the Exit?

Night after, like that many years ago, in another century when I was a student. I woken up to find out that something had happen. Many people died last night. Another people killed them. Normal people, people who had their dreams had died. (more…)

To all searching for destination

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alt: To all searching for destination

I am not sure if it is because of age (probably) or the pressure or lack of something, but I am finding myself often contemplating about what should I invest my remaining time. What should be the thing? As you may have read few days ago in the post named Track I am having very good discussions (more…)

Educating in Photography

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alt: Educating in Photography

Sitting here with headache, being ill for last ten days is not really fun. This influenza took me quite down. First days I was week and lay in bed. Then, I though, it was going better and I started to do some writing, reading. Last two days it is really not fun, I even went to doctor to consult if I shouldn’t get some antibiotics or another more serious treatment then tea, honey, bad and quiet sleep.

That is however not the reason while I write this journal entry. (more…)