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You want to make better pictures, may that be a family, holiday or even some more creative photographs. You bought camera of your dream and you like to stop using automatic mode and use that camera to produced best it can. Make Better Photos Workshop may be for you. This private course only for you may the step you need to start making better photos.

This is workshop where you will learn how to make better photos, by doing. We will start by looking at some examples of not very well done pictures. We will discuss what is wrong with them. From this discussion we will be guided by following four steps to understand how we can improve.

Recognize a situation

better photos

We need to recognize when our image will not be as good as we think and why. We will learn to be ready to take steps to improve the result or avoid hurting conditions. Situation such as, strong light from back of a subject, too light (fog) or too dark (night) environment, moving subject and similar. We need to watch for strange objects (wires, signs,..), too many things create chaos, reflections could confuse camera and many similar situations. We will look at example images, both wrong and improved. We go and we will learn to see with different eyes to identify these situations.

Understand your camera and light

When we understand how camera see the light, what influence the result of the image we can go to next step and avoid or improve such a condition. Together with first step, when we recognize situation and knowledge how camera see the light, we can understand why we need to do steps from next section. Again, we will learn by using a example images and animation to understand few important rules how photo camera understands and capture light. What can cause that photo camera make mistake.

Master the camera options

All the knowledge from first two points we will use in this section. Here we use Finding new anglespossibilities to adjust camera’s parameter to make better picture in almost any situation. With knowledge from first section we avoid un-reparable things. What we learn in second section will help us to understand what we need to adjust on camera to help it to work better in almost any situation. We will go out and play with camera settings in controlled way. This will help us understand what effects any of the camera’s control has on resulting picture.

Improve creativity and make better photos

2011-07-13-25610Once we know it all we can start playing with light, composition and camera settings to create more creative view on every day situations. It will help us to see daily world in different eyes. It will help us to show that view to others by making images like nobody else. This is final stage of the course where each of us will select one scene and try to make the most creative image of it. You will try express what ever you see by your newly open eyes.



Making better photos workshop,

maybe be for you the single step, which will help you to overcome ever returning dissatisfaction. I am here to help and show you where you need to focus and what to do. Even after workshop is done I am ready for you to answer your questions over email or phone. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to call me now +31-629-551146. Hope to talk to you soon. There is still time before winter holidays!


FAQ: Where, When and other information

Who: I, Richard Vanek, will deliver this workshop for you in person. I speak fluently English and Dutch. I am international photographer with many years of experience in delivering consultations and trainings.

When: The date is up to you. Usually Saturdays are good days, but we can agree on any day in week.

Schedule: We start at 9:00 until 16:00 with lunch break

Where: I prefer to meet at your place or any convenient location for you. I am available at almost any place in The Netherlands, Nord of Belgium and West part of Germany. Let say in 250km circle around Breda, NL.

How much: Price is €179,00 inc. BTW/VAT

How many: This is single person, private workshop just for you, All my attention will be directed to you. We need place to start and later in day place where we can capture some pictures.

What you need: You will need to bring with you photo camera whatever you like to write your notes on. If you like to bring some of your images you are welcome.

After:I offer you possibility of consultation over phone, Internet or email. To help you keep the knowledge active and resolve all possible photography questions.

Business information: K.v.K.: 62037668 BTW: NL235729863B01

Contact: Feel free to contact me by adding note here bellow or calling me directly for more information at 0629-551146.

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  1. John kivits
    Sun, 12. April , 2015

    Een aanrader voor een ieder die geïnteresseerd is om iets specifieks of algemeen in je fotografie te verbeteren. Ik zelf was op zoek naar een fotograaf die aansloot bij mijn wensen.
    Richard is prettige en vakkundige fotograaf die me geholpen heeft bij actie foto’s van mijn zwarte labrador en portret foto’s. Richard kwam bij me thuis en had ook allerlei camera benodigdheden bij zich om b.v. Een professioneel portret te maken . We hebben de gehele dag met elkaar opgetrokken en ik heb van de workshop genoten.
    Nog bedankt!


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