About Richard Vanek

Richard Vanek is a photography artists who challenges a mood of a observer by creating emotional photographs. He is self thought image creator who first used camera to capture his childhood feeling back in eighties. From that time his specialty stayed with constructing emotive imaginary in attempt to recreate feelings and moods.

From his early more documentary work he move to more emotive style after he relocated with whole family to The Netherlands. Shortly after that he switch from darkroom printing to full digital printing with use of carbon pigment technique and start selling his prints on the Internet. He completed move to digital world by switching to full digital capture in 2007.

  • born 1967 in CzechoSlovakia to Slovak parents
  • in 1999 moved with family to The Netherlands
  • from 2000 producing Carbon Pigment prints
  • in 2001 sold his first prints on the Internet
  • middle of 2007 using digital cameras
  • 2012 personal one on one photography courses
  • Expositions & Publications
  • Contact him by leaving comment
  • @richo_67 at twitter
  • interview in Adore Noir

Richard has published photography books and is published in many magazines and over the Internet and  he is recognized authority on black and white photography and archival digital printing. As author of the Visual Emotion podcast in Apple iTunes he is active in social media world using Twitter.

Richard’s inspiration is mainly personal live and the world of thoughts. He  is not actively looking for inspiration in other photographer’s work. While he enjoys work of Jozef Sudek, Taras Kuschinski or Susan Burnstine, he is more interested in books, thoughts and discussion to challenge his view on world. He admires Allan Watt and many creative people.

For inventive person as Richard the tools are not very important. He put the most value in final finished product, by which he not only explains his view, but allows the same freedom to the observers.

Dave Beckerman:

What you find in Richard’s pictures: imagination and curiosity about what can be done with a camera, are of course present in the person himself. Otherwise how could these qualities have surfaced in his pictures? You take a picture of something and at the same time that something takes a picture of you. And what it finds in Richard is an honest, curious person with imagination. These are rare qualities, whether in a photographer or not. And probably that’s why Richard and I have been friends for many years through this thing they call the web.

As a photographer, I’m not interested in someone that takes pictures like me – I’m interested in someone who has found their own road to travel. That is such a rare thing in this world. And that is Richard. I wish him luck in all his endeavors because he adds something new to this tired world.

Dirk Rösler | Japan Exposures:

A photograph records whatever was in front of the lens at the time of exposure. Each detail contained is a fact, captured indiscriminately, whether it is important or not. It is the job of  the photographer to – effectively and ironically – manipulate the arrangement of these facts to make a meaningful statement by means of a photograph.

In the years that I have known Richard Vanek, he has from the outset struck me as someone who despite acknowledging facts, be it image content or the process that created it, is not overly concerned about facts. Richard has set himself the ambitious goal to make his emotional view of the world visible via his photographs. Feelings of childhood, of cold city quarters or simply the feeling of being awake at night, watching. In a world where reflected and well-considered opinion is competing with haphazard snippets of fleeting persona, I always enjoy looking at the personal views of Richard Vanek.

Jeffrey Paul Howard:

What I like about Richard’s photographs, goes beyond them being technically beautiful images, his framing and composition, the way the light falls just so, the lights and darks within, as they are always evident and well done. What makes Richard’s wonderful works wonderful, is how his images transcend just merely being photographs in the way they evoke a whole array of feelings, emotions, and/or memories.

Richard produces work that is very personal, touching on expressing themes within his images, that convey a little story, or piece of ourselves that we can relate to. And his artistic and creative courage in his ways of trying to explore these feelings, emotions, memories, and bring them into visual images, I find very admirable, commendable, and inspiring.

Erco Argante

Richard is an artist. He wants to create and put a part of himself in it. For me this is the essence of his work. The communication medium he has chosen to do this, happens to be photographs, but it could as well have been anything else in which you can put part of your soul, like music or literature. Fortunately, Richard’s passion for photography makes that he fully masters all the technical aspects. So when looking at his pictures, you will not be distracted by technical impurities.

Communication is only established when the receiver captured the message of the sender. In case of Richard, communication is successful, if he manages to invoke emotion in the viewer. If I look at Richard’s pictures, I feel soft melancholy and happy nostalgia. In fact, lots of memories and moods that I used to have as a kid, but that were suppressed by my everyday adult life, come back into my mind. Richard goes the hard way, because the pictures he makes, express his personal emotions and do not have the intention to please a as large as possible audience.

My question to you, visitor, is whether you’re going to quickly scan Richard”s web page for something interesting, only using your eyes, because you still have so many other things to do today? Or will you make a small investment and look with your heart?

  • 1988 – GAMMA club – Collective exposition, Zilina, Czechoslovakia
  • 1996 – Railway station, Documentary project, Poprad, Slovak Republic
  • 2004 – Foto Academy exposition, Breda, The Netherlands
  • 2005 – PortFolio group, Breda, The Netherlands
  • 2007 – Remembering Childhoodsolo exposition, Zilina, Slovak Republic
  • Dec 2008 – Remembering Childhood – solo exposition, Best, The Netherlands


  1. sofineti ciprian
    Wed, 23. June , 2010

    Hi Richard, I hope that you remember me. Please, I’d like to see the photograph with that tree blown by the wind, and also many other photographs I’ve seen a couple of years ago in your website. Thank you.

    • richo
      Wed, 23. June , 2010

      Of course I do remember you. I hope you doing well. I though we lost contact. So you comming from time to time visit my pages?

      Frankly, I am not sure if I know which image you mean with tree blown by the wind.
      I will put many photographs back, but it will take rather some time.

  2. esa
    Mon, 27. September , 2010

    I stumbled across your pages while looking for some inspiration on the internet. and I must congratulate you on your works! I was wondering if you could take a look at my pages and tell me what you think – you can contact me straight via e-mail..

    have a productive autumn and congrats on your pictures!


  3. Barbara
    Sun, 10. October , 2010

    Hi Richard,

    I love the pic “a visual emotion” it gives a very nice feeling and I love the colours too.
    You did a great shot.

    keep up with it.

  4. Jan
    Fri, 29. October , 2010

    Excellent work !

  5. Timeless
    Sat, 4. December , 2010

    I like your work, our mindset and what ever motivates you .. good going friend.

  6. efadul huq
    Tue, 4. January , 2011

    i was touched by these pictures. i love your work with
    black and white.

  7. Michael
    Tue, 1. February , 2011

    After seeing some of your images, I looked up your website and explored more. Eventually, I made my way to the ‘about’ link, where I was surprised to see you were a couple of years younger than me. Something about your work had me assuming you were older. I’m not sure it’s the right phrase, but I’m thinking of a contradictory term “raw sophistication.”

    Evocative stuff.

  8. richo
    Wed, 16. February , 2011

    Thank you all for leaving your inspiring and supportive comments!

  9. vichucuesta
    Sun, 6. March , 2011

    Un placer descubrir tu trabajo. Un saludo desde Asturias, España.

  10. richo
    Wed, 2. November , 2011

    Greetings to you vichucuesta, thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you often, or maybe on facebook.

  11. patrick dinneen
    Thu, 1. December , 2011

    Just FYI- on http://www.richard-vanek.eu/projects/serene-mind/ when I view an image there’s no obvious way to close the image, I have to click on ‘esc’. Normally as well as the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ icons there’s one for closing.

    Cool photos by the way on the dreaming, thinking outside the box for sure

  12. Lenny Cherniaev
    Wed, 14. December , 2011

    my name is Lenny and i’m living in Canada. I have a project at photography class and we need to find some good photographer and write about him. now, I need your bio and I can’t find it on the net. I really like your work. It’s amazing! and I would like to have some information about you. Nothing personal that you don’t want to share. I just really want to do my project about you.
    It will be really nice if you will right some of you bio.
    Thanks, lenny :)

  13. richo
    Thu, 15. December , 2011

    Lenny and many of the photography students who are writing to me. I have updated this page and I believe you will have now a bit more information about myself.

  14. Lenny Cherniaev
    Thu, 15. December , 2011

    thank you!!! you are the best :)

  15. Madeleine Gardiner
    Thu, 16. February , 2012

    Hi Richard, just wondering if I would be able to use you in my art folio as my artist of inspiration, I’m a year 12 student in Australia and I think your work is wonderful.

  16. anhelika and patricia
    Tue, 6. January , 2015

    Hi Richard, we are big fans of your work and we are wondering if you could answer a couple questions for a school project. We did a lot of research but we couldn’t come across if you had education for photography or training. Also, what were some of your life experiences as a kid? Thank you very much for taking your time to read this

  17. Nuno
    Wed, 3. June , 2015

    Hi Richard. I am just checking your work. Maybe I will have one question for a particular picture :)
    Do you still have the same number?


  18. Laurens
    Sun, 5. February , 2017

    Hi Richard,
    Since October last year I do not see any blogs of you anymore on your photography site. Are you stopped?
    Kind regards,

    • Richard Vanek
      Mon, 13. February , 2017

      No Laurens, I have not stopped. I just had nothing meaningful to say. I have some ideas, but I like to do it right and that needs time.
      I was also wondering who will miss me :-)
      Thank you!

  19. mesiarova
    Tue, 6. June , 2017

    Ahoj Richard fakt mas pekne fotenie ci priroda ci ludia ..It’s a nice work….Drz sa tvoja segrenka…

  20. Rasto
    Tue, 6. June , 2017

    Cau Riso, to su rokyyy!! Borik a tak…
    Ako sa mas? V KT 31 budem v The Netherlands a mozeme sa vidiet.
    Will you be available that time? Ozvi sa! R

  21. dave beckerman
    Thu, 5. April , 2018

    Richo — email me your own email. I’ll give you some insight (hopefully) into what happened within the last few years (it’s called illness). No, not mental, not yet anyway.


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