Showing an another way

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Showing an another way could be the only possibility. When we are young we search for examples, idols. We follow things which are interesting and we form opinions how the life works. We are influenced by many and it is hard to make the right choice, even harder to know what the right is. Examples we select as the right ones, leads us to imagine the world in certain way. People we meet, texts we read, all what we soak into our brains made us who we are.

And then one day we find out it was all wrong. We start searching again. That is still far better then never see the wrong. I am so glad that there are still many people who are not only searching for all possible alternatives, think about them, but also they create own “another way”. I love people who think, create and share that with others.

Another Way

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  1. Iurie
    Mon, 29. October , 2018

    It’s good to know some still considers this topic of continuous change and improvement.


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