emails, subscribe, unsubscribe and all that jazz

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Did you try contact your friend recently by email, somebody you didn’t write for some month? Did you email bounced back and you got error message saying that you email message can not be delivered for any reason? I did that a lot. There is over four hundred people subscribed to my mailing list. I only send email to notify those people that some thing is new on web. I even do not do it every time. (for example not for this post).

Well after the EU regulation came into action by the end of May, all of us received huge amount of emails from all companies all around the world who had our email. Many of those we had no idea about. It was very annoying and in certain way also surprising. We could see where everywhere we left our emails. Some companies even start misusing it to get you into their network even you never been there before.

But I didn’t want to write about that, I wanted to write about the fact that all those companies has also received many notification about not possible to deliver their emails. I guess many mail servers has been overloaded. Many coudn’t ignore those emails. You as me we all had email we used only to subscribe for certain service or we need email to get something. We never use those emails.

So I have also received many error messages when I post my posts in June and July. Notifications that many of my subscribers close their email account or places where they had their email stop accepting emails for those email addresses. So I realize all those ghost subscribers, they all gone now. Maybe such a cleanup of internet must be done regularly.

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