Castle I never visited, until now.

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Yes, I was born in the city under these castle ruins. My father told me a lot about it. He went there many times. We draw under it many more times.

Until today I never been there. I am writing this post on mobile, images are taken from camera and adjusted using my mobile phone. Please bear that in mind and look at the beauty of them rather then technical qualities of the images.

Road to the ruins of the castle

Stonehenge? No Považský castle.

The castle


  1. Andrej
    Tue, 20. March , 2018

    Vzdy som si myslel ze si priamo zo Ziliny. No nic. Hrad je pekny a fotky su spravne atmosfericke, hlavne ta Stonehenge-like.

    • Richard Vanek
      Tue, 20. March , 2018

      Som rád že sa ti páčia. Mal som pocit že som ti ich poslal na whatsapp. Aj tie dnešné.

      • Andrej
        Tue, 10. April , 2018

        ano, ale whatsapp mam malo online tak som ich videl az neskor

  2. mini
    Sat, 7. April , 2018

    Richo, ik vind je foto’s prachtig, maar zou je graag zelf ook nog eens zien. Liefs

    • richo
      Tue, 10. April , 2018

      Bedankt Mini! Toto over paar dagen!

  3. Andrej
    Wed, 13. June , 2018

    nasiel som clanok o Povazskom hrade.



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