The winter trip through the woods

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We made few winter hikes in woods. Such a trip through the woods is usually longer endeavor. It may take few hours. Therefore I was thinking how to reflect that to you. Should I use the usual way and post every other day single image with two lines of text. Should I create new project gallery with all images and almost no text? At the end I have decided to create longer post with more images in it. That is also why it took longer then expected. Tell me if you enjoyed it. I only wish, that I know how to make possible to make image full screen on its click. That would be ideal.

Entering the woods

The woods start just behind the village. You walk few hundred meters through streets, then you cross river over the small pedestrian bridge. After few meters you reach edge of the village where you cross main road and you there. You may follow a road around the forest or you may cross directly into it. We did the second. What is quite interesting is the surface of the forest. It is a hill, but its surface is not smooth. As you may see from the photographs it has its own local hills. Trees are growing on it in all direction. In their length they raise, at the end, straight to the sky.

In the woods

This forest is quite clean. What I mean you can walk between the tree’s trunks. There is almost no other vegetation growing in between which would make your walk difficult. That is why we always liked this forest. Kids could run anywhere, hide, jump. The hill gets a steep once you getting deeper into the woods.

Huge tree

At certain moment, almost at the top of the hill, we came to the place where a lot of trees where lying on the ground. Having they roots ripped of the ground. According some people in the village it is due the strong wind from last week. Deeper and deeper we go more such a trees are on the ground making our walk difficult. What really strikes us that we do not realize how huge these trees are until you face they roots about ground and whole tree horizontally on your level.

There are no small trees around

Out of the woods

After we climbed above or around fallen trunks we reached top of the hill with trees and entered meadow. This meadow connects two forests. The one we just left and other, rather different on other side. There was a little snow on top of last year grass. Sun was shining low and all was smelling by optimism. It felt like in romantic movie. We left dark forest with shadows of huge trees and entered sunny lit grass fields.

In the meadow

Thin clouds above our heads and sharp sun from behind created view in front of us. It got warmer as the sun was heating the grass. All snow was gone. Our walk on top of this meadow hill was relaxing and calm. We felt, above all of it. No noise from streets, no people shouting. Only our steps gave rhythm to our thoughts. As we progressed further, the meadow got wider and soon we saw another forest in front of us.


As we were getting closer we could see more snow under the tree’s shadows. It was quite clear to us, once we entered the woods, that its depth is not big. We could see another opening in front of us. There was standing calm tree on its own. Surrounded only by few bushes. In it, made from wood, is a bench. Is this place for foresters to watch the animals?

At the end

As we passed this spot we could see small wooden temple. Roman number four on it. Very nice wooden carved image inside. It is stop number four on small local Christ pilgrimage – Calvary.

Calvary IV

We tried to go further. Thanks to Sun heating the air, the road got muddy. We entertain some out of trail paths across the forest, but surface got too hilly and woods too dense. After while we didn’t enjoy it anymore and decide to go back and be on time for dinner.

Muddy road


  1. JPH
    Sun, 18. February , 2018

    The thick forest part, with no vegetation, made me think of a section of woods I would go to in my beautiful Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming… just a thick forest of Ponderosa Pine trees, tall trunks with their piney canopy way atop, the ground below clear, as if you were nano size on a hairy arm, walking upon the skin amongst hair follicles… okay, that was a weird analogy that popped into my mind!

    Then you walking from the dark of the forest, into the wide sunny field, too made me think of another spot up in the Big Horns… ahh! Making me miss the mountains of Wyoming!

    Glad you had an enjoyable outdoorsy day, enjoying the air, sun, trees, hills, mud, and all of nature

    • Richard Vanek
      Tue, 20. February , 2018

      Jeff, it is wonderful how one place can trigger memories of another. Especially one we never seen before and places are on opposite site of the globe.


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