Under snow

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Under snow, is another image from our walks this winter in Slovakia. I know this is not much of art, and there is also not intention to be. I am remembering, by posting these images, the great time we had there. Not sure why, but I had to remind yourself those feelings every day.I do not want to loose them and this helps. I am sure you know that feeling yourself.

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Under snow


  1. JPH
    Thu, 25. January , 2018

    End of last year, relenting to years of curiosity, I did an ancestral search of my earthly family’s heritage, and more fully discovered what I already correctly only knew, on my dad’s maternal side – that they hail from Bohemia, which of course, became Czechoslovakia, and then the current Czech Republic, and parts of Slovakia… ?

    Anyway, just interesting to see a snowy sliver of this ancestral region in your photos, Richard

  2. Richard Vanek
    Thu, 1. February , 2018

    Jeff, I only now noticed your comment. I am sorry for missing the notification.
    Bohemia, is (was too) part of Czech Republic. It is (and was not) part of Slovakia.

    Do you know some more precise location?
    This image is from part of Slovakia called Orava. It is northern west part of Slovakia, close to Poland border.


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