Calm Winter

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Winter could be different, mild, snowy, wild and certainly in many other form. In my hiking trips in Slovakia I love the most The Calm Winter. Winter where everything is silent, white and beautiful. Call me romantic if you will, but this just butter my soul.

Here is and image which I took 30th of December las year, when I was walking with friends on the mountain call Choč. There is a sort of plateau bellow the top of the mountain. Place to rest a bit and go higher or gave up and enjoy the view.


  1. J
    Mon, 15. January , 2018

    I know of exactly the type of location, day, weather, you speak of… where the rest of the world disappears, and all that exists is just the still, quiet beauty you see from horizon to horizon. And yes, how so refreshing those places and days are to the spirit and soul!

  2. Juliana
    Mon, 15. January , 2018

    Krasna fotka, to skoro cerne nebe nahani strach.

    • Richard Vanek
      Tue, 16. January , 2018

      Juliano, ta obloha bola pred burkou ale to su tue mraky, to tmave je modra obloha, ako ked ju pozeras cez tmave okuliare. Netreba sa bat :-)


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