Face is changed

Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in Short notes | 2 Comments

My face changes as time is moving forward. So far I have not find a way to reverse its direction. Therefore I have changed my portrait picture. It is quite recent, three days ago I believe. What stroked me, while doing this change, was how I did change in last few years.

Often I though, there is not much a change, but in last few years differences are becoming more pronounced. It was time to refresh my face on these pages. I bloody getting old. Who would though about it twenty years ago.

Recent face richo Face is changed My popular face Japan face around 2010 richo and audio Double face 1967 2014 Robo and my face in around 1987 My face and Dalibor around 2006 Amazed strobist Face is changed Face is changed


  1. JPH
    Wed, 7. June , 2017

    Lookin’ good, Richard… think it’s the best of all of them.

    And I don’t know why it doesn’t show on here, but in your RSS feed, you had a picture of you and your son, that was a real good and nice picture… you just have a nice look of contentment.

    • Richard Vanek
      Wed, 7. June , 2017

      Jeff, I have selected the image with my son as cover only for this post and not included it in the post itself. I die published it before.


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