Star Dust

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Star Dust was, what I have missed, from the image in last post. Therefore I made new edit of the same capture. Now it is whole frame, no crop. You can see the so called star dust above the leaves of the plant in the bottle.

I must tell you, it is quite a fun, to go to my micro studio (in garage) and close the door and blind the window. To sit there in dark. Move things around. Adjust strobes and take exposures. This way it reminds me a bit of old way. Taking image and not seeing it right away. To have a bit of expectations, bit of imagination what it will be like. Then, in dark flashes are fired and you see the image on the screen.

Still it is not finished. It is just a start of a journey. After few images I know if this scene has any potential. I select few of them and go to my development place (computer) and play with it. Now it is starting  material. I change it, playing with it, until I get something I like. Then and only then I show it to you.

star dust


  1. Juliana
    Wed, 19. April , 2017

    Fantastisch. Een droombeeld. Zeker op een groot formaat zal het indrukwekkend zijn. Juliana


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