Kitchen behind the door

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It was often behind the door when adults had discussed something. I was in the sleeping room. I could see the light through the glass in the door. Most of the time somehow I woke up. It was late, I knew. I slept already for many hours. Then, I was suddenly awake. Why there is a light, was my thought. I got out of the bed and very carefully open the door to get to sort of corridor between the entrance of the apartment, kitchen, living room and sleeping rooms.

The light

There was a beam of light under the kitchen door. I could hear muffled voices from within. Who is there? Why so late? Those were my children thoughts. Do you remember this once you are the one in the kitchen arguing?

Kitchen behind the door


  1. JPH
    Thu, 20. October , 2016

    Sometimes the kitchen, sometimes the living room, yes…

    I and my younger brother’s rooms were across the hall from each other, and can remember just like it was yesterday, us sitting crosslegged in each other’s respective bedroom doorway, listening… and me slowly creeping down the hall towards the living room, to try and hear more of what they were arguing about…

    The summer before my senior year in high school, they got divorced, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back to me back then, as one not having much, at least I had a family, well, in the technical sense, as we were a family unit… I attribute it to my also still being single this late in the game… She has to be The One… would never ever want my/our children have to go through their family/home being torn apart

    Good one, Richard


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