sunflower field

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Yes, it does look as common sunflower field. At the start of autumn sunflowers, dried thoroughly by the late summer sun, become something else than anybody thinks. Have you read the extension of the tree trunk story? No, you did not? Please before proceeding read that.

The following photograph is something I created several hours later. Completely unaware, I was looking into the sunflower field and notice all of the sunflowers turn back to me like heading to the west. Only after Andrej’s observation, I realized. This is the same spot where I took the previous photograph. Why is it so dark and where is the tree?

sunflower field

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  1. andrej
    Sat, 15. October , 2016

    check this

    local copy without images:

    The Hunter

    The big mother is weak now. Fading. They say she could be sick. I really don’t know. It sent us fewer beams last week. And today she have to fight with that dark cloud. I hope it will get well soon.

    The legend said this is normal. Just another cycle like thousand times before. The Legend. Only fool will trust an old legend.

    We are scared.

    [Tree trunk image]

    I was lucky today.

    That silly tree crossed the grass and wandered deep into our ground. Maybe he was looking for the food too. With so little leaves he must be starving. Maybe insane.

    He realised the threat too late. Runs really fast, but I am the fastest here. Except the wind of course.

    Screaming was useless here.

    Then came my sisters. We scattered the fool over the ground.

    [Sunflower field image]

    The tribe is quiet now. Resting. We have to wait. Within few days we will be stuffed up to the limit.

    The cold is scary.

    We have to be prepared.


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