Kitchen behind the door

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alt: Kitchen behind the door

It was often behind the door when adults had discussed something. I was in the sleeping room. I could see the light through the glass in the door. Most of the time somehow I woke up. It was late, I knew. I slept already for many hours. Then, I was suddenly awake. Why there is a light, (more…)

sunflower field

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alt: sunflower field

Yes, it does look as common sunflower field. At the start of autumn sunflowers, dried thoroughly by the late summer sun, become something else than anybody thinks. Have you read the extension of the tree trunk story? No, you did not? Please before proceeding read that. (more…)

tree trunk

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alt: tree trunk

On our biking trip in the south of Moravia, we had a beautiful day. Well, first half of it was charming, the second become colder. The sun, especially when beaming low, creates all those nice shadows. While passing (more…)


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alt: sunflowers

It may be too much Sun for those sunflowers, who knows. Did you expect to have another part of the series from Brno? Well I am sorry to tell you this, the story has ended by discovering the coat at railing. What follows are (more…)

coat on railing

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alt: coat on railing

I did freeze on the spot. A chill went through my spine.I couldn’t move for a while, but my eye looked around, they found it. What is it, this dark thing hanging over the railing? I moved a little closer, and now I had recognized it. A coat. Old dark blue coat (more…)

dark turn

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alt: dark turn

There is always a dark turn. You do not talk about it, you try to forget all about it. And so was I. I breathed it all in as I walked next all those magic. I swung around, I danced. I was so happy, for so long. At the one moment, I start to (more…)


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alt: Paradise

Once on the other side, I was not able to stop looking around. It was paradise. Strange trees with even more unusual fruit were hanging from high above dark green flowers. My eyes (more…)

summer behind a fence

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alt: summer behind a fence

I felt it, I really did. The summer behind a fence. After I found that garden house, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get there. As I was following the fence, I have seen many beautiful wild bushes and trees. Looking for the way in, I had (more…)

forgotten garden house

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alt: forgotten garden house

While walking to the hill above the city, one early morning, I stumbled across this house. This forgotten summer house stayed there between vegetables and trees. Sunbathing in first rays of a day. I suddenly felt (more…)