Clouds are coming

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I still have in my mind the Sun and warm of the Barcelona, but beeing back I have to get ready because clouds are coming. Daily life and responsibilities bring a different layer of feelings over your day, and I am sure the non-stop sun would make it better, but it may as well become boring.

Sunny all the time?

On another hand, I remember the few times I was for few weeks in a country where cold, rain and shadows of the clouds don’t exist. I must say waking at the morning to the clean sky and shining/rising sun was great every morning.

Clouds are coming

So what you do?

Make best of it; I made the following photograph. I also sanded and painted our tiny wooden shed in the garden. I like to make it my working spot. I must isolate it. Otherwise, I will freeze there in the winter.
As I have bought new (second hand) notebook I decided to drop my desktop machine and use this as my only working place. Moving monitor and drawing tablet to the laptop. I was always against notebooks as the place for serious work. Maybe with age, I become much more comfortable to work anywhere where I felt well. Such a need requires a portable machine. iPad is great, but it is missing power and tools for doing what I need it to do.

Next time

Such a topic, however, may be for some other writing, talk to you later about it, now I need to place 2TB SSD in this new machine I have and install Win10? Win7? Linux perhaps? Many things to consider and make choices, as I said for next time…

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  1. JPH
    Sat, 20. August , 2016

    Love the image, Richard.

    Cool that you’re making yourself your own little space for you, good for you… I am sure it will be a lovely place for sanctuary and reflection, and to work.


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