Sagrada Familia

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Dear Friend,

the last letter I had written to you is something I do not really remember so much time has flown from then. I have sent you many postcards. Images from cities I have visited, places I have seen, moment I have lived through. Once a while I heard from you, but most of the time you have been silent. I hope you are doing well and there is nothing, which is making your live unpleasant or unbearable.

Is all fine?

I hope as well that nothing grew between us, which makes our communications impossible. If it is so, please give me some signal. I surely would like to know and correct the situation if I can.

You have certainly received my last images from the city of Barcelona. When I was making them and especially when I was sending them to you I wondered: What do you think about them? Did they touch you in any way? I understand that you are receiving many more postcards these days from all you friends around the world, and I am only one of many. Still, I feel that we have a special relationship.

On another hand maybe it is not so. It is maybe possible that in the sea of friends sending you postcards and occasional letters I am only a drop. Now the question which arises in my head is: Should I do something else, to become wave or should I seize to see my postcards as special ones?

Tell me what do you feel when you look at the postcards I am sending to you? Do you imagine yourself being there? Do you envy? Do you dream? Do you care?

Sagrada de Familia

Maybe it is not at all important to ask and even more to know. So let me tell you something else. Yesterday I have been a tourist in this city of Barcelona. I took a subway and went to the one and only Sagrada de Familia. I have been there before, but man. This thing is evolving. I believe this is the only church I have ever seen being built in my live time. I was here two years ago. Now it is different, new pieces have been added. New towers, letters, whole side chambers.

Many many people are taking images of this church, therefore I have hesitated. What else I can do. At the end, I made the image of the front. It is different than it was two years ago. I also want the postcard to be different. I worked on it for few hours yesterday. More I was looking at it more I was certain that I love this image not to be a postcard. I want it to be a poster, huge, enormous on the whole wall, something one can stand in front and search through the details and feel small, similar to the feeling I had when standing in front of Sagrada de Familia.


Sagrada de Familia


  1. Iurie
    Wed, 3. August , 2016


    (Why do you care so much about people who (supposedly) consider you just a drop in the sea? I thought you are doing these photos and sharing them mostly for your pleasure… And then, people either share your pleasure or they don’t)

    We are all here!
    A little busy, a little absent, but here beside you.
    And we like (most of) the content!



    • Richard Vanek
      Wed, 3. August , 2016

      You see Andrej, this is exactly why the comments has been disabled on this post.

      Iurie, why I have this never ending conflict I do not really know. If you do help me by explaining myself to me. Thank you in advance.

      • Iurie
        Thu, 4. August , 2016

        It’s difficult…

        in the meanwhile, just do what you love to do, the rest will come on it’s own. It requires time…

  2. JPH
    Wed, 3. August , 2016

    Really like this image, the angle, composition, look of it

    Also like how you’ve called them postcards… neat idea!

  3. Richard Vanek
    Thu, 4. August , 2016

    Thank you both!


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