Night Streets of Barcelona

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Yes, I was writing and taking pictures over the streets of a city for last few days. Tonight I am going to write to you about night streets of Barcelona. Of course, there will be some images too. Hey! Are you using Instagram? If yes you can follow me there, if you have enough of those emails you are getting from me.

Anyway, it is quite entertaining to walk at the night through the city of Barcelona. It may be because it is a summer and hot here or it is natural to this city and nation, but it feels very safe and fun.

What has happen?

Last time we encounter many unusual things while walking through the small street of gothic quarter. One of them was this guy with his girlfriend walking first towards us carrying all those seats and chairs. Then when they entered small square they suddenly turn around and start walking with higher pace as if somebody was chasing them. They run same way back which they use to come to the square. Here you can see them quickly walking in front of me. After few meters, they stopped, rather exhausted and sunk into the same chairs they carried.

Searching for a place to sit

Unknown known people.

In another moment, in a small and dark street full of people this beautiful girl has turned around and looked at me as she never seen me before. There in a back, behind her another familiar people enjoyed the lazy chaos of a hot late evening.

Girl in a Night

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