In the middle of the road

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alt: In the middle of the road

What would be a great thing to write about? Some thoughts while I stand in the middle of the road. Should it be what you feel, what makes your mind busy? Things you think about when you have time? Memories of better times or current issues which make you nervous? (more…)

What happen?

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alt: What happen?

Yesterday I watched a movie. After that specific experience, I was in certain, very different mood. What happen, was not a question related to the story itself, but more to the change, which had gone in my mind. Suddenly I felt very different. I was sure I will not be (more…)

Soft touch

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alt: Soft touch

Well, soft touch is not really a title I liked to use here, but the image has it. I believe it fits the smoothness of the grass on it. I wanted to write quite some lines today early morning. Now, at the afternoon and very hot, I feel differently. Do not take it personally, (more…)

Covered goal

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alt: Covered goal

Is it, isn’t it, A Covered goal. I have no idea who and why covered it, but reminds me my goals. Even they are less physical; they are often covered by my thoughts, doubts, and unclarities. It may be (more…)

Clouds are coming

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alt: Clouds are coming

I still have in my mind the Sun and warm of the Barcelona, but beeing back I have to get ready because clouds are coming. Daily life and responsibilities bring a different layer of feelings over your day, and I am sure the non-stop sun would make it better, but it may as well (more…)

The fence

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alt: The fence

I walking around the fence for may years now. Often when I walk our dog. I also made many images of it. So far I think not a single photograph I made of this fence was any good. Today I may got (more…)


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alt: Segundo

The first week back home and you see it right away way, fewer posts. Segundo is not only the second floor where we lived in Barcelona, but Segundo is also the next week back home, starting in few days. What should I do in it?

Mailing List

I was wondering, those of you who are subscribed to received email notification of this blog, is it (more…)

Podcasts are fixed now

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alt: Podcasts are fixed now

Yes, you may not noticed. My podcasts (audio recordings) has been broken for some time. All the podcasts are fixed now. It has been while, (over FIVE years!!!) when I recorded the last one.

Anyway, if you like to listen to them you can see all podcast episodes by following link to podcast category or use iTunes to subscribe or aggregate this RSS feed to subscribe directly


Connecting with people

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alt: Connecting with people

Today morning, I was listening podcast from LensWork entitled Mannequins and Abandoned Places. If you do any, a bit more serious photography then your summer holiday, you should certainly listen to it. Somewhere in the second half of it, I started to realize what is the answer to my own question. The question  (more…)

Goodbye Barcelona

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alt: Goodbye Barcelona

Yes goodbye Barcelona, we are leaving! It has been nice two weeks. Thanks! (more…)