Night Stairs

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The interesting feature of old houses are open inside stairs and especially the opening without the roof. There is one behind the bathroom and washroom as well as kitchen. It serves as natural ventilation. What one can see as a nice feature and somebody else can hate it, is the fact that you can hear all your neighbours talking.

All that noise at the night creates a sort of special atmosphere. I can imagine that as a child this must invoke special feelings. These feelings which will come years and years later once you hear that chatter again.

My room

I have a room, small room, where I sleep with a window showing me inside stairs. Every time somebody enters the building or is going out, I can hear them. Hear the noise of dogs tapping on the marble floor, old people cuffing. Others moving stuff, coming from a party.

As I said you may love it and at the same, you may hate it. It is as the building through the night stairs and open ventilation has its own life.

Inside stairs in a night The buidling ventilation

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