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Now living in an apartment in the middle of the bigger city, I am starting to understand what that really mean. I am a person who likes quiet. This is certainly not what you find in common streets of a city. Every morning I am awake up by sounds of trucks cleaning the trash, towing cars, speeding motorbikes and other sudden and unexpected noises.

A Rhythm

Each city has its own rhythm, and if you lucky and you live in a better position it can be good for you. I do not get direct sunlight in the early morning, during a day the windows are still in the shadow. That is great as the apartment doesn’t have any air conditioning.

In summer days, as these now when temperature crosses thirty-three degrees of celsius ever day, you need to keep the windows open. Together with the opening of internal windows, you create a draft, which makes air floating.
At the later afternoon, there is no other option than to shut the windows and cover them from outside with the wooden blinds. This doesn’t allow the sun to beam directly into your room.

When the evening comes back, the open window is the move one you have to do. You will keep it through the whole night, trying to avoid the draft around your neck. If you do not you may not be moving very smoothly next morning.

The Advantages

Living int the streets of a city has many advantages as well. If you are a tourist, you may choose to survive the non-airconditioned apartment on the south side for a while. You wake up early morning and enjoy a cup of coffee with a croissant at seven. Walk the streets, while colder air is still in between the houses.

When the air gets little hotter and you walked for a while, discovering those forgotten, old and often dirty streets, you may come again inside. Let yourself enjoy a colder air of a restaurant or cafe and get some refreshment.

Later you have a choice. You may go back to your apartment and sleep for an hour or three. The second option would be, to get deeper into the streets, keep in shadows as I did and discover the drama of the light.


Motorcycles A Street in Barcelona


  1. andrej
    Fri, 29. July , 2016

    Wow, you moved to city? What happened to the house? Or it’s just project-dependent temporary move?

    The south facing apartment without air conditioning is nice during continental winters, but during the summer it could be really challenging. The shading is essential, it makes huge difference when you have some sunshade device outside of the sun-facing windows.

    • Richard Vanek
      Fri, 29. July , 2016

      No Andrej, I didn’t move. This is tourist living as a local for two weeks :-)

  2. Iurie
    Fri, 29. July , 2016

    What a nice story! …again :)

  3. Iurie
    Fri, 29. July , 2016

    And the photos are great!

  4. JPH
    Fri, 29. July , 2016

    Like Andrej, I was taken aback at the start – “wait, what? You moved to an apartment in the city?” Until I concluded otherwise.

    Good entry and read.


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