Girls from Trenčín

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Second destination on our trip was Trenčín. The city, which I knew from my childhood. My grand parents lived there. Trenčín was for me always the city of young people, colors and ice cream. First evening after our arrival we went to the center of the city. We couldn’t miss nice walk to the famous Trenčín castle. Before I show you images from it, I would like to temper your attention by following image.

Fujifilm Images from Trenčín

Not only it exactly reflects my perception of the city, but it also shows you how much I like my new Fuji Film camera. The possibility to create image almost in any movement and often without anybody noticing is great.

Girls in Trenčín

I have already selected few images on our first walk to the castle. I am sure you would like to see its walls in great light from setting down Sun. I need a little bit more time. Tomorrow, in one post, more then one image. Especially for you Janči.


  1. andrej
    Fri, 17. June , 2016

    Ah, the famous wooden stairs from 16th. century.
    Thank you, I really like this part of Trencin. Do you have more pics from the Old city and from the Castle too?

    This is the Google Street view at the same place there

    • Richard Vanek
      Fri, 17. June , 2016

      I have quite some images from castle and few from the old city. And yes you pin-point the location on street maps quite correctly. Only wondering how the Google car got there if those are roads with restricted access :-(

      • andrej
        Fri, 17. June , 2016

        The google have also tricycle with camera equipment but I thik they just come there by car as it’s possible to get there with special permission.

        Looking forward for the other Trencin pics.


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