On the road to “Na Výtoni”

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As I wrote, in my previous post Na Výtoni, we have seen many things as we walk for almost hour from our place there. We both liked the fact that we avoided busy roads and turists attractions and dived into the side roads, where normal people live and work. Waiting for the ambulance at the hospital from the last post, or taking car from old garage:

Staré Garážeand when car didn’t turn on after many tries, smashed the door and with rattling keys in the hand walking in quick tempo down the road in front of us:

Down the road

We followed him, down that road, and we have seen people leaving building from their meeting. They all been in full discussions and clearly didn’t want to part away. Talking about many things. On the other side of the road, other group played soccer in setting sun, running, sweating, I envy them. I use to play soccer like this with my friends many years ago and we had a beer or five.

Just before we have arrived at our dinner place we encounter Tram and it was in such a beautiful light I couldn’t resist. Only later I notice the driver face. She is so focused to see properly and sun from the mirrors is hitting her face, making that much more difficult.

Elektri?kaTo make it for you easier to see I enlarge it:




  1. andrej
    Thu, 2. June , 2016

    I do love this Prague series.

    • Richard Vanek
      Thu, 2. June , 2016

      Thank you again Andrej. And there will be more, from today and yesterday. Friday we are moving further in our journey of rediscovering a past.


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