Arriving in Prague

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Yesterday we arrived in Prague. We had rather interesting entrance as we were driving more then 70  minutes in such a heavy rain I do not remember. It was poring as if somebody would turn the bucket in the sky. After we arrived rain was at its end. We moved in. Here you can see the entrance as viewed from inside.

Entrance inside out


  1. andrej
    Wed, 1. June , 2016

    Yesterday I experienced the same rain at the precise time of going to the son’s school so waiting was no option. I needed to go about 100m from the office building to the car. No raincoat, no umbrella, so I grabed used cardboard box from canteen to protect from the worst showers. Totally wet from knees to toes. At the son’s school (which is about 10km within the city) the sun was shining.

    Today it was opposite – I managed to enter the car without opening the umbrella and at the destination place there was showers and streams running through the sidewalk. Completly wet from knees to toes for the second time.

    Great weather those days.

    • Richard Vanek
      Wed, 1. June , 2016

      I must say I love this weather. Sunny whole day and in afternoon hour or two shower after which the Sun is back to the refreshed world. It reminds me my childhood’s summer, when it was same. Only temperatures been higher 32-34C

  2. oto
    Wed, 1. June , 2016

    Have a great stay, Richo. Unfortunately, I won’t be in Slovakia until October…


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