In India now

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alt: In India now

After a week being in India now, this is first time I have little time to write. There was a busy week last one at the conference held here yearly on interoperability of Philips medical products. And also I had some health issue (more…)


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alt: Synagogue

Building of this Synagogue in Trencin has been of my interest from very early days. It always was such a different building that it couldn’t pass my view without noticing. Before our trip I have heard on the news that they converted to some special place. Once we arrived in Trencin (more…)

The Castle of Trencin

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alt: The Castle of Trencin

The Castle of Trencin have a special place in my memories. I spent many days of my childhood in it or in city below it. These days, every time I drive around, I am searching for it. In old days the red star use to be on its tower. Now it is gone and the castle looks much better.

Castle is irresistible

First evening in Trencin we couldn’t miss it. We knew that it is closed already, as it was rather late. Anyway, we climb the stairs and steep road to its entrance and to our surprise (more…)

Girls from Trenčín

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alt: Girls from Trenčín

Second destination on our trip was Trenčín. The city, which I knew from my childhood. My grand parents lived there. Trenčín was for me always the city of young people, colors and ice cream. First evening after our arrival we went to the center of the city. We couldn’t miss nice walk to the famous Trenčín castle. Before I show you images from it, I would like to temper your (more…)

More images from Jánska Dolina added

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alt: More images from Jánska Dolina added

Short note: I have added two more images to post from the trip through Jánska Dolina.

Jánska Dolina

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alt: Jánska Dolina

Jánska Dolina, has been for so long place I wanted to go. So long that in the middle of that long time I have forgot about it. Somehow on our trip through Slovakia we decided to stay there for few days. When new day started we took our hiking shoes out and start walking towards Ďumbier. Once we left asphalt road and get through (more…)

Bajko VI – MMXVI

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alt: Bajko VI – MMXVI

There are people and there are magicians. Bajko is of the second sort, not because he can take rabbit from an empty hat. It is because he can create sound, where there is none. There are very few magicians, often they (more…)

Train track

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alt: Train track

It has been few days without internet connection on our trip. We moved from Prague through Trencin and Orava to Janska dolina at Liptov, Slovakia. I have made huge amount of images and we visited wonderful places and met great people. I think I will show you most of it later when I am back. There is so much. Today’s image will be completely universal, but still (more…)

The tunnel again

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alt: The tunnel again

Yes The tunnel again. Same tunnel I have photographed ten years ago I managed to find and photographed now. This was rather interesting. I wanted to show this tunnel to Ema. But I had no idea where it was, only that it been under the Zizkov (part of Prague). I have looked at (more…)

Homage To Jozef Sudek

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alt: Homage To Jozef Sudek

Being in the city of Josef Sudek and being such a lover of his work I couldn’t resist when I had a chance to make following image as tribute to him. I especially love his still life work. I also couldn’t miss visiting foto skoda, my favorite photo shop in Prague. There I have seen (more…)