Selling all my Nikon setup

Posted by on May 28, 2016 in Short notes | One Comment

I am selling Nikon setup. My complete set of Nikon D800 camera and two lenses with many extras.

My Nikon set is sold, what is over for whoever may be interested is still following lenses 85/1.8D AF, 28/2.8D AF and D300 body.

For people in The Netherlands, you can take a look at Marktplaast.  For the rest of you, if you have interest this is what is for sale:

18 month old D800 in perfect condition
Only around 5500 shutter releases
Still 6 month Nikon warranty
with Nikkor 50/1.4 lens
with BW UV filter
two CF SanDisk ExtremePro 16GB cards
two batteries with charger
met Nikon DK-19 eye cup
in original box with all books and CDs.

I have also Nikkor 85/1.8D lens if anybody is interested

Nikon D800 for sale

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  1. Richard Vanek
    Sun, 29. May , 2016

    It is not even 24 hours and D800 is sold (almost), what is left is 85/1.8


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