Tones Up!

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I must say, I always been after the tones in black and white photography. I was so happy when I found a combination of film and developer, which when exposed right, bring those nice tones. That combination of Fomapan 200 exposed at 100ASA and developed in Aculux II or Fotospeed FD10, could bring tonality scale I loved. Look at this image for example:


I never found out what was the right exposure, but it seems to me at had to do something with over-exposing and under-developing the negative.

Sometimes I able to come close to that in digital world. Again, I must pay more attention to it in order to be able to reproduce it. I am quite certain that the way how analog material has reacted to the light and process is rather different how that works in sensor, software world.

Recently I produced the following image, which I thought is quite close in tonality to the analog images.

TonesThere is of course totally different theme here, something which comes to the surface of my thought recently again. I have discovered, some time ago, new podcast: Ffoton Conversations. I only listened to four of them with two photographers. Both seems to be great persons, but man how they work is different. I knew work of one for long time from Twitter, never heard about the other.

One is documentary, where knowing people, talking to them creating good story is the key. The other one is after the image, in solitary one person private approach, creating that what he has in mind, what he feels. Very often closed to paintings, abstracts. Story and tones, I would call it. First after documenting, publishing mostly in newspapers. Second like painting, publishing to galleries, mostly.

How different it can be? What is the way you like to go? Myself? I go after the tones, I did my documenting for now.


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