Italian musician two

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alt: Italian musician two

Here we go, Italian musician number two. After I have showed you number one and three, here on request of Andrej, the technically faulty photograph of Italian musician number two. To make it more interesting, I placed it to old developer, throw some dust on it, scratched it a bit, leak some light and only then put it in fixer. I did that only for few seconds, therefore be quick with looking, (more…)

Italian musician three

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alt: Italian musician three

Do you miss Italian musician two after number one? The story is that the Italian number two was the reason I went to them in first place. He was the person who attract my attention from the start. Small posture, playing on clarinet, with a lot of enthusiasm. All his personality been very much extension of the instrument, or the other way around ;-)

I was stupid enough to (more…)