High pace

Posted by on May 7, 2016 in Short notes | 2 Comments

High pace of recent days, month and perhaps years, brings me closer and closer do decision I need to slow down. I like to enjoy the ride, I am not that much of interested about destination. Is that something you experience yourself too? Is that connected to a person’s age or is that part of this life style we are unconsciously (at least most of us) force to follow?



  1. JPH
    Sat, 7. May , 2016

    Or to also prioritize the things that you are doing in the ‘fast pace’, so that they are the things that are worth the energy, time, pace… and to brush aside those that are not. That way so the journey, and destination, are both hopefully as equally enjoyable.

    • Richard Vanek
      Sat, 7. May , 2016

      Destination = dead, no thank you :-) If you are not free nor are you priorities.


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