Selling all my Nikon setup

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alt: Selling all my Nikon setup

I am selling Nikon setup. My complete set of Nikon D800 camera and two lenses with many extras.

My Nikon set is sold, what is over for whoever may be interested is still following lenses 85/1.8D AF, 28/2.8D AF and D300 body.

For people in The Netherlands, you can take a look at Marktplaast.  For the rest of you, if you have interest this is what is for sale: (more…)

Black dog and white dog

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alt: Black dog and white dog

We have one at home, white dog. His name is Bobby and we love him very much. You can imagine how nice it was the other day when we were sitting at the edge of lake and those two dogs ran towards us. White dog and black one. Together they quickly emerge from a forest behind. Jumped around and (more…)

Tones Up!

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alt: Tones Up!

I must say, I always been after the tones in black and white photography. I was so happy when I found a combination of film and developer, which when exposed right, bring those nice tones. That combination of Fomapan 200 exposed at 100ASA and developed in Aculux II or Fotospeed FD10, could bring tonality scale I loved. Look at this image for example (more…)


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alt: Juliána

Juliana, is second half of Jan. As we use to say, the better half ;-) She is magician in a kitchen and very knowledgeable in arts, of all kind, even the fine one. She is most of the time very busy, always active with something. She invited me recently to see photo exhibition of (more…)


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alt: Jan

This is Jan, our friend. Always in good mood and always very friendly. We have visited him and Juliana few days ago in their house. We had great time, perfect discussions and excellent dinner. Often these kind of Saturday visits becomes sort of obligation. This is not a case of Jan and Juliana. I must say, we (more…)

The end of the evening

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alt: The end of the evening

Samba was still playing and people been dancing. Another rock band played and people been talking and drinking. Some of us were tired and the others would like to stay. At the end we all walked back to train station. That was (more…)


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alt: Security

Thank to Andrej and his help, I have increase so called security of this blog of mine. If all is working well you should be browsing these pages only over secure connection https and you should see padlock icon in your browser.

It all started when you received new post notification with links over secure https. Those links didn’t work properly, mainly because the certificate which was in use has been created and signed by myself and therefore not trusted. As a first step, I needed to get real (more…)

Forgotten portrait

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alt: Forgotten portrait

I have almost forgot about the following portrait. After the set of those, I was quite sure I showed you all I made in last week or two. I made this one in a certain, unconsciousness way. Frankly, Ema discovered it on my camera just a half hour later, when she was looking through the images we created. This was mother’s day, Sunday, and she prepared this celebration. We had a great (more…)


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alt: Samba

Same night, we moved from Italian jazz to Samba podium. There, even in the middle of the night, no break was in view. The band was running nonstop for hours. People crazy dancing in the rhythm of samba, not only in front of the podium, but next to it and many behind on the street. (more…)

Italian musician four

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alt: Italian musician four

This is the end of Italian musician set. Also for now end of portrait series. Number four in this picture was playing drum. Yes single one drum, there is certainly specific name for that kind drum, but I know it only in Slovak. We called it rhythm drum. He seems to be sort of leader of this group and as you can see he was in discussion when I was taking his images. I made about ten exposures in hope he will turn to me and I could catch his eyes. Well, as you may expect he didn’t. (more…)