The Light

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Yesterday, I have been in Maastricht, again. I walked as usually through the smaller side roads, avoiding any groups of shopping streets and shopping people. I had encounter something, which I thought is gone from the Netherlands. A person who stops next to me, while I was looking at the ruins of city wall from 13th century. He had start to explain to me all the details about the city wall and where it continues and where is the second. Why the second was build and so on and on. It was first very interesting, second he did it from pure attempt to help and proud to his city.

This happens to me last time maybe twelve years ago. When somebody, completely without side motive, helped me with his knowledge on the street why I was not actively looking for it. It has been as the Light which should connect people. It was great feeling, completely opposite of the feeling which you get when you neighbor cleans his truck and leave all the rubbish in front of you house on the street.

Anyway my day in city of Maastricht has been much brighter from that moment on. I made quite some images, mostly standard sort of tourist pictures. I however, later when I was looking through the images at home, found following image. It kind of symbolize the Light I mean in this short writing.

The Light


  1. Iurie
    Thu, 7. April , 2016

    It’s symbolic. Two lights, two people…


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