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My Dear Friends,

it was long time ago, time when grass was greener and the Sun sharper. At least I do remember it like that, like early morning when grass was still wet and I was running up hill to meet my friend J. who was waiting for me in garage of his father. There, in cold dark. with smell of oil, was his motocross bike on wooden box. J. was cleaning carburettor and the block of the 125cc engine was next to the bike ready to be sealed. As we had no money to buy new seals, nor that they were available, for this almost twenty years old bike, we needed to make them from paper and grease or another lubricant.

Still early morning, we pushed the bike on a hill near by. My friend was riding on it up and down, stopping often next to me. We listen the engine and look at it from close. We were trying to find out how to get that extra horse power out of it, by sealing or opening wholes in air intake or similar hand made tuning approaches.

Another evening we sit in cafe and discuss all possible theories how that air is floating in the engine and how we can influence it so it bring more power. We look at new bike’s images in magazines and try to figure out what all those new boxes in them are doing. All that, so we create one ourself and boost the power of his motorcycle.

That was a great time and we enjoyed it, without knowing, how short this time will be and how we going to miss it. There where many of these great moments and many great friendships.

Felling that you can rely on somebody without asking for it, without something in return was required. Yes, that was time when we were responsible only for ourself and we had in our mind only today. Not much thinking about future.

Now the relationships are different. Yes, I do not call them friendships any more, even one can have hundreds of friends on Facebook and circles, exchanging emails with other hundred . Now each of us is closed in our private circles. Any attempt to return to those old ways fails. It does for many reasons. I wonder is it only me who feels alone? I can’t believe it, we had our dreams and they evaporate in time.

I hate all those schedules, plans and arrangements we need to make to be able to meet. Even then, there is no feeling of spontaneity, not the border-less trust and enjoyment of the moment. In many cases it feels played, pretended and I wonder why it is like this?

What one should do to get back that natural relationships without expecting anything, without playing a role? Many questions yes and maybe it is completely created in my mind and everybody else has accepted or even do not feel it. What about you?


  1. Iurie
    Sun, 3. April , 2016

    I agree. Friendships are fake these days.
    People exchange parts of their souls for money.
    Money and financial stability – a vague and shallow value.
    They, then, get old, and realize they’ve spent their life chasing a mirage.
    Foolish ones!

  2. J.
    Mon, 4. April , 2016

    From J. to R.

    That was time of passion, enthusiasm, no limits…

    Interests of any kind (astronomy, biology, chemistry, philately, go-kart, motorbikes)…

    Looking back over my shoulder I see happy childhood, it’s something what nobody can take me, it’s deep in my memories, it’s part of me…

    It goes with you the whole your life, it affects your acts, your attitude…

    I think the most valuable thing what parents can give their own children is happy and safe childhood, that your children will remember forever…

    Nowadays I am lost in adulthood, parenthood and everyday common life duties and I strongly hope that my children will remember their childhood as I do mine…

    I remember those times R., it’s still in my head, waiting for rebirth…

    • Richard Vanek
      Mon, 4. April , 2016

      Som rad ze si napisal Janci! Diki Vazim si To. A mozno nemusime cakat ale opat po troske zacat…

      • Iurie
        Mon, 4. April , 2016

        J for Janci!
        Mystery solved! :)


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