Be Careful

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I know and I try to be careful. In any case I have decided to make stretch and post one more image from Liege. Why? Maybe because it is a new month starting today? Maybe it is a fool’s day today? Maybe…. I will receive surprise today, maybe there will be my name day soon? And probably because I wanted to.

This image is one which I have not selected for the final ten from Liege. It has been in second list, mainly because it was not exposed properly, but I liked the composition and had feeling there is a potential. So I tried to be careful when editing it. Again, and I understand, not everybody will like it, but I do.

It is not dramatic picture like Man in House, it is not gentle as Early Morning Coffee, it is fleeting moment of encounter with unknown people. People you will never see again, who did not even noticed you, but has been there and they are same human beings as you are. That is why I like it. You are free to have your own opinion, as always ;-)

Your Borat

Be careful

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