A Villa

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Just after lunch and before we went back home we decided to see some more popular places in Liege. We went to direction to these stairs Montagne de Bueren. As both of us (I may assume) often do, we ended up going there as no tourist would do. From back, through far less tourist paths and roads. I must add this time, totally unconscionably. We found about this later when we were force to look at the map, where the hell those stairs are ;-)

Anyway, as this become long story about surroundings, but not about the point, let me tell you that we seen other things on our way to the stairs. One of them this Villa, which been there hanging on the hill with space around here as king. Most of other houses pressed to each other or removed as you may have seen on my previous photograph entitles Man in House.

And maybe all this accounts for a fact, that in this set of images from Liege there is no single picture from those stairs, which we eventually reached and claimed down, while dozens of people were claiming them up.

A Villa

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