Telle Mere – Telle Fille

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Telle Mere … Telle Fille, is what I read in the image as a name of the venues where this couple is reading menu, I suppose. This is the photograph which didn’t made it to my top ten from the Liege. Some people suggest that Tree in House is not very strong and I may agree, but as we all know it is personal.I do not know what it is, but those images i showed you in past days as well as this one, would in majority be not possible if I would use Nikon D800. Why? I would not feel comfortable to use it the same way I did use This FujiFilm X-T1 camera. Even this shot from other side of completely silent  street, would probably disturbed the couple, by flapping D800 mirror. Maybe not, but I would probably not released the shutter anyway.

I am standing now in front of dilemma. How to go further, and it is not only about cameras, but also TAXes, satisfaction and responsibilities. I didn’t know, but uncle Google told me that this Telle Mere, Telle Fille means: Like mother, Like daughter. Would this apply to me? My father never spoke to me about similar doubts he may have as I do. I tried to ask him, later in his life. We never had and will never have, proper discussion about life and 42.

Telle Mere ... Telle Fille


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