Liege as a project

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Short notes | 4 Comments

I have created separate project page for my street photography from Liege. You can see all images there. I am also experimenting with bigger view and maybe easier navigation (keyboard, swipe on mobile, mouse of course). You may try it at Please be aware that this presentation may change in any moment. It would be  great if you can tell me here in comment section what do you think about that new way of presenting the images. Try to push space for pause, enter for showing and hiding controls, arrow keys to navigate.

Thank you for your feedback!


  1. JPH
    Fri, 1. April , 2016

    My favorite of them all would have to be your very first one (I think), ‘Early Morning Coffee’… just a nice capture and composition.

    I look forward to what April will bring!

  2. JPH
    Fri, 1. April , 2016

    That’s just where I looked at them all together from… I like it, the nice full screen almost presentation, allowing one to see them better than the usual smaller entry post version.

    • Richard Vanek
      Sat, 2. April , 2016

      I will try to make it even better and maybe one day it will the way I will present all the projects.


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