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It was surprise for me. I was not expecting to like Fujifilm X-T1 so much. I wanted to test X-Pro2, but at the end it was not possible to rent it. Instead I rent X-T1. I took it through the streets of Liege without any expectations. Small camera, looking as sort of miniature of my Nikon D800. It has been very long time since I did any of city street photography. What I have loved from the first moment was possibility to see in black and white. The Electronic viewfinder of this camera is surprisingly good. One of the important things for me, when choosing the camera is viewfinder. I always try to go for big (higher magnification) and clear one. I loved one of Nikon F100. D300 had also pretty OK if you think it has not full frame sensor. Five years ago, if anybody says that camera has  electronic viewfinder, it was stop for me.

Now, I looked through this EVF of X-T1, turn it into b&w with red filter and I was in love. More and more I used it that evening more I liked it. It got even better when was almost total dark. You could see much better through it than with optical viewfinder. Yes it is grainy, but so is any 12800 ISO image. It has that great feel of Kodak Tri-X film, at least to me.

Look at the following image, I just love it. And you? Do you like it too? Roll down with me, to the empty street of Liege with help of photography.

Roll Down



  1. JPH
    Fri, 25. March , 2016

    Interesting notes on the EVF…

    As I wrote in one of those emails sent you recently, one of the reasons I was interested in the X-Pro2 was because it still had an OVF…

    How did you find battery life? That’s neat to have the ability to preview in the EVF B&W simulation, as well as with a particular filter… that only would be allowable and/or work in JPEG capture, wouldn’t it? Would be interested in if you did any side by side comparisons, and did that simulated JPEG shot, then shot the same scene in RAW and converted to B&W in Silver Efex Pro (or B&W conversion program of choice), to see if quality were comparable.

    So you gonna go and outright purchase the X-T1?

    • richo
      Fri, 25. March , 2016

      the only added value of OVF in case of Fujifilm x-pro2 is that you can see outside of the frame. This is however soon gone if you use one of the bigger lenses, so only few primes and smallest zooms are the options.

      Battery life, is totally disaster. I did 170 on one charge, it is however possible that battery was 2-3 years old. But they are small and if I am going to buy any X system from Fuji I buy 2 extra batteries and charger for two batteries at the same time.

      When you set film emulation it is for jpg and raw and EVF or LCD screen you see that always in B&W. I shoot raw + JPG, but only because I didn’t know how exactly this works and also I wanted to have jpg to compare when I work on RAW.

      jpg’s are great! but you know my extreme work (and you should see next image to be publish Saturday) so I need to work from RAW. When you load RAW show with this filter in lightroom (or any other RAW convertor – I just try some Linux ones) the image is first presented as b&W from the jpg included in RAW ad then it shows you the color from RAW. You can choose in ligtroom same settings as they were used in camera and you can make same jpg (no as good as from camera though).

      Works great.!
      No I am not going to but T1 I may buy X-E2S if I found some money. And when I sell Nikon I may buy new T2 once it is available.


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