Ugly Stairs

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If you wonder how those ugly stairs looked, you know those from the previous post called Mysterious Building, than look at the image in this post. Those are the stairs. I remember those stairs from early eighties, usually on governmental buildings. I remember myself waiting in queues on them. Sitting on them waiting. Rather unpleasant memories.When we have seen them in Liege, as I wrote earlier, next to rather nice part of town, both of us got some associations. When we noticed quiet movement of the shadows behind the fence, we were certain: Something strange is going on here.

Ugly stairs


  1. Oto
    Wed, 23. March , 2016


    this one made me revisit the related posts, as well – the subida-rise, stairs to the money. I think you got a knack for capturing the spirit of the stairs :) and a nice series going!

    • Richard Vanek
      Wed, 23. March , 2016

      Oto, I am glad you took time to look. Great you discover new series to be forming, The Stairs :-)
      Thank you for the comment!


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