Mysterious Building

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While walking night streets of Liege, we came across Mysterious Building. It is not mysterious on its own. Style of it is something what we both find rather ugly style especially if it is placed close to nice old small streets. You can find numerous examples of this lack of taste in Liege.

When we came at the end of small street full of cafes  we turn right and where shocked by ugly stairs in dark of a corner. Those stairs belonged to the square building I called later the mysterious building. Why? Well it has fence from wires covered by textile. At the bottom of the fence, you could notice, in very dark, movement of dozens pair of legs. It felt like a lot of people where moving behind then in almost complete silence.

We had many theories, during that evening, about what was happening there, behind the fence and inside of the building. None of them we were able to prove, but we did not tried very hard either.

I could make better image expressing that mysterious building feel. I made following one.

Mysterious Building

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