A Villa

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alt: A Villa

Just after lunch and before we went back home we decided to see some more popular places in Liege. We went to direction to these stairs Montagne de Bueren. As both of us (I may assume) often do, we ended up going there as no tourist would do. From back, through far less tourist paths and roads. I must add this time, totally unconscionably. We found about this later when (more…)

Starting the third week

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alt: Starting the third week

I have not received single complain, nor single unsubscribe. I suppose, I may assume nobody from the subscribers is annoyed by my posts. Today i am starting the third week in row when I posted every day. Some days even more then once. I wonder, why is that? (more…)

Telle Mere – Telle Fille

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alt: Telle Mere – Telle Fille

Telle Mere … Telle Fille, is what I read in the image as a name of the venues where this couple is reading menu, I suppose. This is the photograph which didn’t made it to my top ten from the Liege. Some people suggest that Tree in House is not very strong and I may agree, but as we all know it is personal. (more…)

Liege as a project

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alt: Liege as a project

I have created separate project page for my street photography from Liege. You can see all images there. I am also experimenting with bigger view and maybe easier navigation (keyboard, swipe on mobile, mouse of course). You may try it at piskoftak.com. Please be aware that this presentation may change in any moment. It would be  great if you can tell me here in comment section what do you think about that new way of presenting the images. Try to push space for pause, enter for showing and hiding controls, arrow keys to navigate.

Thank you for your feedback!

10 from Liege

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alt: 10 from Liege

Many people told me that images I published in the blog disappear after while in history of archive. That my web page feels like same all the time. They may be right, especially for those who spend 2.7 sec to decide. I must agree I can do more effort to present set of images also in different way. Therefore, here is the link to see my ten images from Liege captured in one evening and one morning using FujiFilm X-T1 from one page.

Street photography

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alt: Street photography

As I mentioned in the watch buyers post two days ago, I always dreamed to create good street photograph. Something in lines of the image I have bought many years (must be around 2001) ago from Australian guy. His name is Tony Dummett. The link is to his photo.net site where, as far as I can see (more…)

Plats du jour

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alt: Plats du jour

Plats du jour, yes not really very inventive title, but that it is not the most important thing for me in this image. What I like the most is the tonality of it. Doesn’t it looks like old film exposure? I can not help myself, but I do think it has that nice feeling. Please tell me is it only  me or it really looks like some older film exposure on Fuji Neopan 1600? (more…)

Watch buyers

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alt: Watch buyers

Some years ago when I was active at photo.net I was following some great street photography members. I even bought huge poster of great shot of speakers corner in London from guy in Australia. It was my dream one day be able to make same image. Photograph which express so much emotions. (more…)

Man in House

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alt: Man in House

It has been week, when I was discovering Liege with a Man in House. No you know it is the Man in House! Oh you do not know? Well I was lucky to create a photograph of him at the exactly the good spot. Place where house suppose to be, but only the Man was. Man in House.

As you can see on the following image (more…)

Tree in House

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alt: Tree in House

When a house disappears it is sad, but one hope there will be something new. Not many expect the new thing to be a tree in house. I have seen this many times in Portugal. In many abandon and old houses trees been growing for many years. This one is from Liege. It feels rather sad. Well, wait for tomorrows picture, you  may reconsider what is sad. (more…)