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alt: Numbers

Numbers, told me today something really funny. I have just glanced over them when writing answer to Oto’s comment today. Do you know that I wrote until today 1889 posts on this web? You however wrote only 1700 comments on those posts.

What does those numbers told me? (more…)

High Tatras

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alt: High Tatras

Let this be the last image from the last day of 2015 which I am going to show you, at least for this moment. It may be sort of cliché image for those of you who can see this every day. For me, however, who seen this before and now only once or twice a year, it is the beauty. I have to confess I miss it. (more…)

Top from the other side

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alt: Top from the other side

When we got to the top of the hill, we realize that not only we could see almost complete High Tatras and other mountains of Slovakia, but that many more people are coming from the other side of the hill. At the end (more…)

Morning trip

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alt: Morning trip

As promised another image from our Silvester hiking trip. This one very first shot that morning. Still dark about -12C and many people already climbing a hill above a village. (more…)

Walking Up

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alt: Walking Up

We had said good-bye to last year by Walking Up. At the last day of the year 2015 we joined few hundreds people and walk up to local hill. Start was few minutes after Sun rise. It was steep walking (more…)

I wish you Bright New Year!

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alt: I wish you Bright New Year!

Hello my Friend,

I was waiting with this, every year, message few days more. You probably already in a swirl of every day or you about to join it. I like to wish you that every day of the New Year 2016 is for you as bright and optimistic as the morning on following picture. (more…)