Morning breeze

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I have almost forgotten what pleasure it is to walk out, in the early morning. What nice feeling it is to let fresh, morning breeze touches your face. I need to remind this to myself every morning. Even, at those days, when instead of fresh breeze our face is touched by sharp frozen blow. Even then, my eyes are open to the beauty of the space around me. The variation of the memories brought back to me by this wind, I am grateful, for I have not forgotten.
Everyday hunting after money, participating in the routine of life, doesn’t leave us with an opportunity to get out and have the fresh breeze to touch our minds. You may live in the city, village or alone far away. I am sure that at that moment when your eyes focus on a far point and breeze touch your face, you can let your mind fly with it.

Let us not forget this. Allow us that moment when the breeze brings the feeling of lightness and allow us to look above all the troubles we have. Allow us to see the beauty; we have seen in our childhood.
Simple and beautiful, full of shapes and smells. Bright colours, enthusiasm, and love. Nothing has changed around, in this regard, we only forgot to go out and feel the fresh breeze!

We are encapsulated in a world we created around ourselves, we build expectations of others on us. We have closed all windows and doors to the beautiful world, which was the only one we had when we have been young. What is worst, in many cases we have forgotten about it.
Now many of us would love to see a solution. A solution to the unsatisfying end of our existence, solution to the monotony of our lives. Each of us has to do this on one’s own.
To me, the fresh breeze to my face at the early morning, is a great reminder that not all is lost, and solution is in one’s hands, all the time

Morning breeze


  1. JPH
    Sun, 29. November , 2015

    Wonderful, Richard. Lovely image and piece.

  2. JPH
    Sun, 11. September , 2016

    Okay, honestly I am fearing I have reached senility already… I have absolutely no recollection of having seen this photo of your’s, Richard, let alone that I commented on it! ☹️

    My comment stands though, exactly how I forgot I said it last Autumn


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