Winter Presents and more

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My Dear Friend,

I am writing you with a news: Web shop is open! Yes for your winter presents shopping ;-) In past I was offering high quality hand made prints of my images. It was good experience, this time however my offer to you is photograph’s downloads. You can download my images for various purposes and you can use them yourself. For example for printing your winter postcards. I will extend this offer based on your interest, therefore do not hesitate to let me know what would you like to make with my images and I create appropriate format and quality available for you.

You certainly will support me this way not only as your winter present to me, but hopefully in such a way, that I can cover the costs and focus on photography more. It is now, partially, in your hands too. It has been for a while. In 2011, yes four years ago, I wrote a post that I have plans to rent atelier. Anyway, let us see how this goes. I love photography and I like creating of photographs, but there are other sides of life as well, as you surely know yourself, which had to be followed.

It is possible that there will be some hiccups on the way for what I apologize in advance. If you encounter any issue I would very much appreciate if you let me know. If you find some serious problem in this web shop you will receive a present for me in form of special discount ;-)

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