Jeff was right

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015 in Photos | 2 Comments

He wrote to me yesterday, that the last image of the Deep Forest project, which I have added last Friday is the weakest one. Maybe even so week, it shouldn’t me part of that selection. I had the exact same  feeling when I was editing it. I felt it is not as good as others. Why did I put it there? Maybe because I have not add many images on-line in last month or so. Wanted to have some up. Wanted to drive myself again back to regular schedule. Drive myself back to editing and later maybe even making images.

I have added an image, which is below this text, as a replacement of the loser from Friday. I honestly think, that this one is better. What do you think?



  1. JPH
    Sun, 8. November , 2015

    Don’t hate me, Richard, but I don’t think it goes along with the rest either.

    All the others have this ethereal, enchanted, magical, sinister, peaceful, dreamlike mood to and with them, whilst this one just looks like a shot of some trees off the side of the road

    • Richard Vanek
      Fri, 13. November , 2015

      You are quite right here Jeff, I am just too optimistic, need to harden up a bit. Let us see…..


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