Morning breeze

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alt: Morning breeze

I have almost forgotten what pleasure it is to walk out, in the early morning. What nice feeling it is to let fresh, morning breeze touches your face. I need to remind this to myself every morning. Even, at those days, when instead of fresh breeze our face is touched by (more…)

Winter Presents and more

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alt: Winter Presents and more

My Dear Friend,

I am writing you with a news: Web shop is open! Yes for your winter presents shopping ;-) In past I was offering high quality hand made prints of my images. It was good experience, this time however my offer to you is photograph’s downloads. You can download my images (more…)

a Tower

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alt: a Tower

This strange tower, waiting at the end of a pier, become for me some kind of symbol. You have no idea what it is, nor why it is there. You are not sure if it is even real. It has however a magical force, which brings me to it. A symbol, a tower. (more…)

Subscribe now!

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alt: Subscribe now!

Yes, you can subscribe to get notified about updates on this web site. What you will get when you subscribe? Well your email will not go to any third party site or company. I am using utility which will keep all here on my server. (more…)

Changes daily

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alt: Changes daily

If you come here only once a while, you may see some differences, but you will probably not. You may not remember how did it look before. Now, when this site is changes daily, probably only those who come more often notice. Yesterday it was there, today it is here. Yesterday it looked different.

I am implementing some changes daily, then reversing the change back. Adding some functionality, then modifying it again. You may ask why? Well, I like to bring this side of me little bit more to the life. Just for fun to see if I can fight the Resistance.

As a first think I like to give you option to get updates when something new is published here. Actually not only that, I like, to those who choose to be notified, give some extra. What extra. you ask? Some experiment to try? Book for better price? Free download of some nice image? Access to video or podcast? Who knows?

It is autumn, I try to fight it. I try to live, maybe I can help you and you can help me, to use our time with purpose.

Email subscription for updates

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alt: Email subscription for updates

I have added small dialogue box on right side to allow you receive updates on this web site by email. It is currently using Google’s FeedBurner. I have plan to change it to this site own mechanism in future. Currently this is what we have. If you like to be notify by email, when I post something new, put your email in the box. Of course you can unsubscribe any time. Thank you for your interest!

Writing on wood

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alt: Writing on wood

Recently I am more and more inclined to write. You do not see it online, yet. I, however doing it daily like my morning exercise. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Slovak. No Ia m not doing writing on wood, how the tile could suggest. I am using boring (more…)

Summer Ema

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alt: Summer Ema


Bamboo Bar

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alt: Bamboo Bar


Night Street – Tokyo

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alt: Night Street – Tokyo

Somehow I can not get rid of that feeling. Feeling of being alone in night city. Hanging in corner between buildings. Feeling of not full understanding how am I got here. I can many people, after experiencing such an event of shock as in Paris, suddenly end up with this feeling. How did we got here? (more…)