Sun rise in France

Posted by on May 5, 2015 in Photos | 2 Comments

Once again we have been traveling. As always I took my camera and drive around in the mornings. I have made some images which will remind me the beauty of this country. Here is one quick, just to let you see what I have seen, more to come…Sun rise


  1. JPH
    Wed, 6. May , 2015

    Hey, Richard, are you aware that your image does not show up here on your site?

    I noticed it yesterday after you first posted this, and checking it out via your Twitter link to it, and it not showing up then… but thought it was a Twitter issue, as I have had some issues with the Twitter app on my iPad, and it not showing sites after clicking on links in tweets.

    Your posting to your G+ page, I was then able to see the image there… on my computer now, thought I would check it out this time on my computer, only to find that it isn’t showing on here either.

    So, just a heads up on it. Hoping you have a safe and happy travels.

    • Richard Vanek
      Wed, 6. May , 2015

      Thank you Jeff, as it seems the image was included with https link and not http. I have no idea why. I have played with some https and http redirection and that may cause it. Not is should be correct, I hope.


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