House on water

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House on water, you say? Bullocks! Well look at the image. You may say, common ,that is just kind of industrial building for water regulation or filtering. Well you may  be right, but this doesn’t stop me or you from thinking differently.Each of us has view on ones surrounding which is in its on nature subjective. There is very little objectivity, if at all, around us. We live in world which is pushed to us, with lies presented to us and with impact we let it do to us. You free to create completely different world or you free to comply and think what others serve in front of you.

In my life I met people who did have rather different view on things. First I was shocked ho can he/she see it like this. Then I envy that freedom and power to see things, mostly in case of those people, nicer then common man’s view.

Let us assume this is house build on pillar at the middle of the lake where nobody can come. It is like fortress where you may visit only on invitation. Deep calm and total equilibrium of feeling fell on ones shoulder when one visit single concrete room inside of the house.

House on water

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