Cactus V6 profiling for unknown TTL speed-light

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I have started with quite a speed this year, didn’t I? It looks, based on last few days as if I have lost a breath. Well not really, but instead of spending my time posting things I was actually doing things. You may remember that I have purchased some strobe related equipment. Cactus V6 it was. Very interesting TX/RX for remote controlling of the strobe (flash). The interesting property of this version is that it can not only transfer the moment of the triggering the flash, but it can also control the amount of light flash is producing. This can be done on quite few speed-lights (strobe, flash). The list in the manual contains many models from Nikon, Cannon, Metz, Pentax and some others.

Funny enough I have speed-lights which are not mentioned in that list. Therefore I was expecting I need to buy different ones to use with this triggers. What was my surprise when I open the manual (before I bough it) and read that if your flash has analogue TTL (meaning no iTTL, no eTTL or any other version of ?TTL) it can be used with Cactus V6. You only need to do Cactus V6 profiling for it. Cactus V6 has to learn how much light is produced by this speed-light and which fractions of full power it does support.

I was planning to make little movie how you can do it, and I still may do it, but I am not sure how much better it would be then the manual description. All and all together it is very easy do profile your speed-light. I did it for my Nikon SB-25. I only needed to have darker room and white wall. Few manual clicks on the Cactus V6 and let him work and measure for next few minutes and you done.

Now I have all my speed-lights profiled and I am starting with taking some images with this equipment as well as learning how to use my new Sekonic light-meter in the best way. About that next time.


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