Smoker’s tree

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The whole story about stopping some habit is rather interesting. You do something you actually likes, but you know it is not good for you. So you try to convinced yourself that you do not like it and that way make it easier to stop. Not sure if it is the right way. Possible for each of us different way is the right way. For me the tree of smoker is the thing I try to visualize when I try to convince myself that I should not do it anymore.

How and to what, do you try to convince yourself in attempt to stop your habit?


Smokers tree


  1. JPH
    Sat, 3. January , 2015

    Have you fallen off your smokers wagon? How has that gone, Richard? This post reminded me that I have not inquired since your first month of having quit… I hope that you have been able to not do so

    Also, three posts in two days… I hope the new year here continues to find this kind of output from you.

    And as to your question… I guess that would be my answer – preoccupying my time with something else, instead of doing what it is I do not want to do… Like, take a picture ;-)

    Wishing you well

    • Richard Vanek
      Sat, 3. January , 2015

      BTW: Did you notice that tree in the picture of this post? Does it look like cancer growing in a lungs to you? If you remember there was a smoker on the original pictures at the same place, where now the tree is.

      Well with smoking it has been going well until certain moment in which I have not care too much about it. Now again trying for few days not smoking. The point is that in last year or so I do it only when I feel I will enjoy it. That means that I am not smoking automatically from habit. I would compare it to drinking a glass of good wine when you enjoy it and not drinking because you slave of it.

      Three post indeed, It is kind of you to expect this output from me. Would be great if there would some kind of community happen here and we started to talk about something. That would certainly keep me going. For rather long time I was thinking about to start blog where more people would write and where we would have sort of interesting remote chat in form of discussing our views on photos, writing, music, life and all. I would like that very much.
      Not only there would be posts more often, but also feedback and different point of view could shape such a place.

      I had miss you in your last paragraph. Did you mean that you taking a picture instead doing something you suppose to be doing or just the opposite?

  2. JPH
    Sat, 3. January , 2015

    No, I never put the tree together with it representing lung cancer… but, I like that, clever.

    I kinda understand your smoking reasoning… I was thinking similar over new years where I drank the most I have drank in many many years… which really was not near as much as the company I was with, but for me, was the most I had. From my late teen years to early twenties, it was different with me and alcohol, where I consumed much more regularly, almost to the point of having a problem with it (the only reason I give for not becoming a full blown alcoholic and having a serious problem with it, is simply of my being poor and not being able to afford it all the times that I would have)… Anyway, I don’t see alcohol as I did back then, it has no meaning or purpose to me anymore as it did back then… now, if and when I may ever actually drink, it is just seen as a beverage and that is it. I don’t let it control me, I control it, and me, not vice versa.

    And I was thinking that new years eve, and the day that followed, when I witnessed the not so good state that the people I was with got to, whilst I was really still just me, and never feel I even got buzzed, let alone drunk. Control. Being in control of it, and me. (for the record, I only had a six pack of Hard Mike’s, and partook of as many of these jello-shots that were constantly passed around throughout the night)

    Anyway… I hope with you and your smoking that it is a few and far between thing that you are able to control, and not use this excuse as way for it to control you from time to time.

    And, preaching to the choir, my friend! For several years now, that has been the wish for my site(s), that it would become this community of like minded individuals to share amongst us all our passion(s), views, in-depth discussions, etc…. But, I guess, actually having people who even take the time to visit the site would be a possible good start to that ever coming to fruition!

    • Richard Vanek
      Sun, 4. January , 2015

      Would you consider to write and publish photos (once a while) for totally new web site together with other people? Maybe Dave Beckerman, Paul Politis, Dirk Rosler and some other would like to join as well?


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